Tickets Èk & Elkvilla,  in Berlin

Èk & Elkvilla 12.02.20 in Berlin, Badehaus

Mittwoch 12.02.20
Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 20:00
Badehaus, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin

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 ék is a four-piece rock band from Hungary. They recorded two albums: 'February' came out in 2015, 'Whatever It Takes' came out in 2018.
 Imagine how it feels floating weightlessly in a misty forest. The feeling when you realize how small you are while standing in front of the greatest mountains. The taste of the last sip of beer at dawn after breaking up with a loved one. Standing next to screaming amps but listening to the heartbeats of the crowd. Loud and provocative, silent and retracting.
 These four guys take one deep breath at the beginning, and breathe out together at the end of the show.
 That's ék.
 Elkvilla is a solo project of Sydney born producer Adam Dudek. The sound is a wistful collection of achingly beautiful track acoustic & post-rock tunes balancing the ornate riffs against anthemic electro influences, breaching a sonic spectrum that pays tribute to the influences of Elliott Smith , Daughter and Ben Howard.
 Elkvilla’s debut EP is recorded and mixed in solidarity of a berlin apartment during the winter and will be releases track by track monthly during 2019. Its the soundtrack to falling snow, late nights and the lack of a lover’s hand in the cold.