Tickets MC Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho (Bamako, Mali), a Live Balani Show presented by African Beats & Pieces in Berlin

MC Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho (Bamako, Mali) a Live Balani Show presented by African Beats & Pieces 12.12.19 in Berlin, Badehaus

Donnerstag 12.12.19
Einlass: 23:00, Beginn: 23:00
Badehaus, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin

Tickets zu MC Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho (Bamako, Mali) Berlin


 African Beats & Pieces is an event series dedicated to the music made in Africa and throughout its diaspora.

With a special focus on contemporary and lesser-known artists, we strive to showcase the diversity of sounds and songs the continent has to offer, doing so through theme-specific parties involving passionate diggers & DJs.

"African Beats & Pieces" is happy to welcome Malian pioneers of the “Balani Show” Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho for their very first concert in Berlin.

Powered by a production featuring traditional instruments and coating their voices in gorgeous Auto-Tune, their high-energy songs are an explosive mix in which centuries-old Mandingue music collides with fierce Hip-Hop, sweet Afrobeats and upbeat Electro. Raising their vocal fists against local plagues such as corruption and skin bleaching, the two rappers carry the electrified voice of a youth eager to get heard and ferociously update their country’s musical heritage.

The after-party DJ sets will feature treasures from the African underground hand-picked by Dom Peter (Blanc Manioc).


 Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho | Blanc Manioc / Sahel Sounds (Bamako, Mali)


 Dom Peter (Lyon, France) | Midnight Ravers / Blanc Manioc

 Mixanthrope (France/Berlin) | African Beats & Pieces